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. Was established in 2010 as a wholesaler and service provider of marine navigation & communication equipment.During the past years, the company has expanded by several folds in terms of size as well as business turnover. The company started up in 2010 with one office and two persons and now has three offices and one warehouse, with working team of over 20 persons.As China continues to develop, Malins Marine is in a strong position not only to utilize the resources available domestically but also to introduce foreign shipyards and marine prodcuts to the ship owners and ship managers of China. Malins Marine collaborates closely with worldwide leading and specialized maritime equipment suppliers and manufacturers in order to provide our wide range of clients a full breadth of products and genuine spare parts as well.

With the support of a global network of well-known manufacturers, we are able to meet the growing & challenging demands of our customers from a sustainable development perspective.One-stop service for spare parts supplied and service, provide economic solution for ship owners & managers. To fully meet our customers’ requirements, we also specialise in navigation and communication systems, statutory annual radio surveys, annual performance tests as well as after-sales services. Our comprehensive line includes high quality electronics for navigation, communications, and safety & security applications. Over the years, we have built our service net covered China Coastal Port from north to south. Most of attending engineer trained by major makers and we owned genuine spare parts of kinds of makers in Shanghai head office.


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Malins Marine Service Co.,ltd.has grown to become a leading provider of one stop supplier for main/auxiliary engine, Turbocharger, Purifier, Air compressor, Governor, Water pump, Air conditioner, Refrigeration machinery & deck machinery, navigation and communication system,etc....


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