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December 18, 2019
December 18, 2019

Camshaft Crankshaft

RF-FLEX, RT(RTA), ME, MC-C and UEC series


The main function of the crankshaft is to turn the reciprocating motion of the piston into a rotary motion through the connecting rod, and to combine the work done by the cylinders to output and drive the auxiliary equipment of the diesel engine.
The main crankshaft and camshaft applicable models are: Yanmar 6M200, 6M220, 6T220, 6T240, GL-ST, etc. Daihatsu 6DS-18A, 6DS-22, 6DL-22, 6DL-26, 6PS-26H , 8PS-26H, 8DK-32, etc .; Mann’s 5L23 / 30H, 6L23 / 30, 5T23LH-4E, 7T23LH, 8T23LH, 7L20 / 27, etc. Wärtsilä 4L20, 4R22, 6R22, 4R32, 8S20, Sulzer’s 6AL20D, 8AL25D, etc.


RF-FLEX, RT(RTA), ME, MC-C and UEC series
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