December 19, 2019
Sperry Marine Radar
December 19, 2019


The revolutionary FAR-21×7 series of X-band radars are the result of FURUNOs 50 years of experience in the marine electronics and advanced computer technology. This series of equipm…
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The revolutionary FAR-21×7 series of X-band radars are the result of FURUNO’s 50 years of experience in the marine electronics and advanced computer technology. This series of equipment is designed to meet the exacting standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for ships of 1000 GT and more but less than 10000 GT. (NOTE:300 GT ships can carry this series of radars)

The MU190 display unit employs a 19″ Color DVI-D LCD, providing an effective picture diameter of larger than 250 mm. The SXGA monitor provides crisp radar echoes, which are presented in a selected color with a day or night background color for easy observation all lighting conditions. Different colors are assigned for marks, symbols and texts for user-friendly operations.

Target detection is enhanced by sophisticated signal processing techniques such as multi-level quantization (MLQ), echo stretch, echo average, and radar interference rejecter. Two guard zones can be set at required ranges in any sector. Other ship’s movements are assessed by advanced target tracking software and alerted by CPA/TCPA data readouts. The FAR-21×7 series provide ARPA and AIS (transponder unit is required) function as a standard.

A variety of radar antenna is selectable from; 4, 6.5, 8 foot radiator. For the X-band, the rotation speed is selectable from 24 rpm for standard radars or 42 rpm for HSC. The S-band radar FAR-2137S is also available with the antenna radiator 10 or 12 feet. The S-band radar assures target detection in adverse weather where X-band radar are heavily affected by sea or rain clutter.

When pedestal mounting the standard FAR21x7 display unit MU190, the FAR2XX7PED requires use of the optional display mounting kit FAR-190-BKT, which includes the 008-535-560 bracket and 001-139-360 mounting assembly. Please note that the FAR-190-BKT kit is NOT supplied with the MU190 when the monitor is purchased as an individual component. When retrofitting for an older FAR21x7 monitor installation with an existing 008-535-560 bracket, the use of the 001-139-360 mounting assembly only is required.

Standard Features:

  • Improved detection capability by new MIC and I/F amplifier
  • High resolution LCD display providing crisp echo images
  • Two independent X- and S-band radars can be interswitched to meet SOLAS requirements on ships 3,000 – 10,000 GT
  • Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module, and rotary controls
  • Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R unwanted emission standards
  • Standard ARPA functions displaying 100 ARPA targets acquisition
  • Display up to 1000 AIS symbols
  • Complies with the following IMO and IEC regulation:
    • IEC 60936-1 shipborne radar
    • IEC 60936-2 HSC radar
    • IEC 60872-1 ARPA
    • IEC 60872-2 ATA
    • IEC 60832-3 EPA
    • IEC 60945 General requirements
    • IMO MSC.64(67) Annex 4
    • IMO A.823(19)
  • Optional track ball system for user friendly operation from a remote station
  • ARPA function is provided as a standard
  • Interswitch capability without dedicated hardware for dual or multiple radar/ARPA installation – up to four radar systems can be connected in the network

Power Requirements:

  • Shipped at 115 VAC, 1ø, 50/60 Hz,4.5A
  • Includes Display, Processor and Antenna Unit
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