December 19, 2019
December 19, 2019


The FAR2167DS is a high-performance S-band radar with 60 kW of output power. Detection and tracking of sea birds from a distance has always been very important for commercial fisher…
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The FAR2167DS is a high-performance S-band radar with 60 kW of output power. Detection and tracking of sea birds from a distance has always been very important for commercial fishermen. The noticeable advantage of the FAR2167DS is its capability to detect flocks of seabirds. S-band radar also assures target detection in adverse weather where an X-band is heavily affected by sea or rain clutter. The software and hardware are optimized for fishing operations, and they carry all the standard functions of the FAR-21×7 series.

The radar incorporates state-of-the art signal/graphics processing technology together with auto tuning, logarithmic amplifiers and anti-clutter controls, for superb detection on all ranges. Thanks to its graphics processing technology, the echoes are expressively presented with 32 gradations in accordance with reflected echo strength. The anti-clutter controls suppress the unwanted echoes from waves, rain and clouds. The combination of these technologies ensures a clear image, even in rough seas.

The FAR2167DS delivers a variety of useful functions to skippers. Direct Key control allows the operators to activate specific settings with just a few keystrokes. This feature is particularly important to oneman fishing operations, where quick setup of the radar according to sea conditions is vital.

ARPA and echo trail functions are available to monitor the movement of targets precisely. With ARPA, the targets are automatically or manually acquired, and their movements, CPA and TCPA are computed and shown in the cells on the right hand side of the screen.(For acquisition of smaller targets such as birds and buoys, they have to be manually acquired.) In addition, those ship’s tracks can be indicated in color, which the operators can select from eight different colors. For extended monitoring of target movement, the echo trail feature is recommended. The trail color can be shown in 12 colors. When the multi color trail is selected, the trail color changes over time. True motion echo trail is also available.

The FAR2167DS consists of an antenna, 19″ LCD display, processor and control unit. The control unit is selectable from Full-keyboard Control Unit and Palm Control Unit. With a Palm Control Unit, all operations can be done by the trackball.

The radar can be connected to an Ethernet network for a variety of user requirements. Up to four radar systems both X- and S-band can be networked without using an extra device. In addition, the essential navigational information including the electronic chart, L/L, COG, SOG, STW, etc. can be shared within the network.

The radar incorporates a Video Plotter that displays electronic charts, plots own and other ship’s tracks, enables entry of waypoints/routes and makes a radar map. The chart may be displayed in combination with radar images. It is compatible with FURUNO or Navionics charts.

Marks & Comments:

Marks can be placed on the radar screen to note certain positions of importance. An 8-letter Comment can be placed near the mark to aid in identification. Marks allow a skipper to grasp the relative position between own vessel and mark locations. With this function, a skipper can enter the GPS position data* of the fishing grounds and hazardous objects for navigation such as shallow waters..
*GPS sensor required

Automatic Acquisition Zone

Two automatic acquisition zones may be set in a sector in the shape desired. They also act as suppression zones, avoiding unnecessary overloading of the processor and clutter by disabling automatic acquisition and tracking outside of them. Targets in an automatic acquisition zone are shown with an inverse triangle. The operator can manually acquire important targets without any restrictions.

Guard Zones and Anchor Watch Zone

Guard Zones generate visual and audible alarms when targets enter the operator-set zones. One of the Guard Zones may be used as an anchor watch to alert the operator when own ship or targets drift away from the preset zone.

CPA Alarm

The target tracking symbol changes to a triangle when its predicted course (vector) violates the operator set CPA/TCPA. The operator can readily change the vector lengths to evaluate the target movement trend.

Target Association (Fusion)

An AIS-equipped ship may be shown on the display by both AIS and ARPA symbols. This happens because the AIS position is measured by a GPS navigator in L/L while the ARPA target blip and data are measured by range and bearing from own ship. When the symbols are within an operator-set criteria, the ARPA symbol is merged into the AIS symbol. The criteria is determined by the differences in range, bearing, course, speed, etc.

Data Display

A variety of navigational information which is vital for fishing vessels, including own ship status, radar plotting data, wind, water temperature and information from other shipborne sensors can be displayed in the data cells on the right hand side of the screen. The FAR 2167DS radar has a unique zoom function which enlarges a part of the radar image twice or three times in size.

When pedestal mounting the standard FAR21x7 display unit MU190, the FAR2XX7PED requires use of the optional display mounting kit FAR-190-BKT, which includes the 008-535-560 bracket and 001-139-360 mounting assembly. Please note that the FAR-190-BKT kit is NOT supplied with the MU190 when the monitor is purchased as an individual component. When retrofitting for an older FAR21x7 monitor installation with an existing 008-535-560 bracket, the use of the 001-139-360 mounting assembly only is required.

Standard Features:

    • High output power radar delivers long-range detection capability
    • Advanced signal processing for improved detection of small targets, buoys and birds
    • Straightforward operation using customizable Function & Direct Key, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls
    • Up to four radar sets can be networked via Ethernet without an extra device
    • Target trail with its various functions enhances situation awareness of vessel traffic around the vessel
    • All Echo Area Mode lets the operator observe a wider picture area around the vessel
    • Presentation of very high-quality radar image by employing new Digital Video Interface (DVI) techniques
    • Three available modes to display echoes: CIRCLE, WIDE, and ALL.
    • The target trails feature generates a monotone or gradual shading afterglow on all objects on the display.


  • AIS information:
      • Static Data:

      • MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)
      • IMO number (Where available)
      • Call sign & name
      • Length and beam Type of ship
      • Location of position-fixing antenna on the ship
      • Voyage related data
      • Ship’s draft
      • Hazardous cargo (type)
      • Destination and ETA (at master’s discretion)
      • Short safety-related messages
      • Free messages
      Dynamic data:

    • Ship’s position with accuracy
    • indication and integrity status
    • Coordinated universal time (UTC)
    • Course over ground (COG)
    • Speed over ground (SOG)
    • Heading
    • Navigation status (manual input)
    • Rate of turn (where available)
    • Update rates Dependent on speed and course alternation (2 s – 3 min)
  • ARPA Information:
    • Bearing from own ship to target in R (Relative) or T (True)
    • Range from own ship to target
    • Course Over Ground (COG)
    • Speed Over Ground (SOG)
    • Closest Point of Approach of target to own ship (CPA)
    • Time to CPA (TCPA)
    • Bow Crossing Range of target (BCR)
    • Bow Crossing Time of target (BCT)
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