October 23, 2020
FELCOM 18 19 Mobile Earth Station
October 23, 2020

FEA-2107 FEA-2807 ECDIS

The electronic chart can be overlaid with a variety of navigation data such as radar echo images, ship’s position, heading, speed and others to facilitate safe and efficient vessel operation.
Compatible with ENC (S57 Edition 3) charts, ARCS charts, and C-MAP CM93 edition 3 and C-MAP CM-ENC

Complies with the following IMO and IEC regulations:
IMO A.694 (17)
IMO MSC.232 (82)
IEC 61174 edition 3
IEC 60945 edition 4
IEC 61162-1 edition 2
IEC 61162-2 edition 1

Flexible expandability allows the ECDIS to be networked with ARPA Radar, positioning equipment, autopilot and others to consolidate the navigation system.

Display 200 AIS targets

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User-customizable chart drawing function

Route planning applicable to both Mercator’s sailing and great-circle sailing

Track Control System when connected with autopilot(option)

High-resolution color LCD

Navigation data is shared within an Ethernet network

Ergonomically designed control panel provides ease-of-use

Navigation data for the past 12 hours can be recorded

True Motion and Relative Motion modes are available

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