FM-8900S VHF Radiotelephone
October 23, 2020
FMD-3200 FMD-3300 ECDIS
October 23, 2020


Streamlined integration into the onboard navigation system; perfectly suited for ECDIS retrofitting projects
• 2 LAN ports and 4 serial ports are available to facilitate smooth integration into a bridge network as well as interface with onboard navigation sensors
• Flexibility in installation; supporting both table-top mounting* as well as flush-mounting to match the space availability in the wheelhouse
*Optional mounting bracket for table-top mounting required.

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Suitable for both primary and back-up ECDIS
Dual configuration of the FMD-3100 supports the vessel to go paperless.
For those who have already installed the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 onboard the vessel, the FMD-3100 can be used as a cost-effective back-up arrangement for the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 ECDIS.
Instantaneous chart redraw delivered by FURUNO’s advanced chart drawing engine, making redraw latency a thing of the past
Easily interfaces with existing FAR-2xx7 series Radar for:
• Radar overlay
• Route and waypoint
• Target track info
• User Charts
exchange via Ethernet
*Software update on FAR-21×7/FAR-28×7 series might be necessary depending on the program number.
*for Radar overlay with analog Radar such as FAR-2xx5 series, the optional RCB-002 Radar Connection Box is required.

Complies with the following IMO and IEC regulations:
• IMO A.694 (17)
• IMO MSC.191 (79)
• IMO MSC.232 (82)
• IMO MSC.302 (87)
• IEC 60945 Ed. 4
• IEC 61162-1 Ed. 5
• IEC 61162-2 Ed. 1
• IEC 61162-450 Ed. 1 AMD1
• IEC 61174 Ed. 4
• IEC 62288 Ed .2

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