October 23, 2020
October 23, 2020


The JAX-91 Weather Facsimile Receiver is the paper base recording system, It is easy to check by the automatic printout function. On top of it, a new function characterizes that as a suitable Frequency is automatically selected on checking wave propagation, Frequency selection and timer operation in the area of the same Broadcasting station are enhanced.

TA Reliable and Flexible Operation
15-Inch Wide Weather Facsimile

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Flexible Operation
The JAX-91 can operate in four start and stop modes for transmitted patterns from broadcast stations, purposes of facsimile receiving and recording status:
(1) Fully automatic :
All operations from start to stop are controlled by the remote control signal under WMO Recommendation, ensuring error-free recording.
(2)Semi-automatic :
Automatic phasing and start by manually setting an index of cooperation and a scan speed.
(3)Manual :
Start and stop, and phasing are manually made, but in a unique method enabling momentary phasing.
(4)Programmed :
With the internal timer, the times of start and stop, start and stop modes, station frequencies, half-tone on/off are programmable. When combined with the fully automatic mode, unattended, error-free operation is available.
Fine Half-Tone Recording
Pictures of clouds can be recorded in 16-level half-tone gradation by dithering. This digital method ensures high-resolution recording to represent even very fine lines so clearly that it is compared to analog pictures.
Synthesized Receiver
The built-in synthesized receiver is capable of setting any receiving frequency from ten-key pad and presetting up to 90 spot frequencies in the memory. This feature is very effective when receiving any new broadcast frequency and changing the station frequency by manually or automatically.
Printout of Frequencies and Program Lists
Up to 90 channels of memory frequencies and up to 15 channels of program lists can be printed out on the recording paper.
High Quality Pictures
The effect of radio interference such as multi-pass echo and fading can be detected and indicated (RCV MONI TOR) for effective frequency selection and for judge ment of recording quality.

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