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October 23, 2020
October 23, 2020

JMA-2300MK2 SERIES Radar

The JMA-2300MK2 continues the success of its predecessor, utilizing the latest digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design including all-new designed scanners.

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JRC engineers custom designed the System-on-Chip (SoC) inside the new JMA-2300MK2 series to be an extremely powerful tool.
With such a small chip, weighing less than a sugar cube, performance remains at out high standards. At the same time, the SoC technology makes the compact radar very power efficient.
The new radar has the ability to display 50 AIS symbols, and 10 MARPA+ tracking targets as standard. The high quality of the display provides outstanding target definition and discrimination.
The (second generation) MARPA+ continues JRC’s successful MARPA+ technology first found in the previous JMA-2300 radar series. Our engineers continued developing and improving the technology, until now, with MARPA+, manual or automatic target tracking is even more reliable.
The new radar has an easy vessel searching function based on AIS, called DirecTrak. This function shows the nearest 50 vessels received by the AIS. If you select a vessel on the list, then range and bearing is displayed of the selected vessel.
Based on JRC’s patented technology found in the bigger radars, the new JMA-2300MK2 integrates Semi-Constaview.
This allows fast processing of targets, showing true trails in Head-Up mode, without interference of fixed targets, such as land or mass.
Processor built-in
Besides the display and operating keys, this compact all-in-one unit has the processor integrated, allowing for a flexible installation approach.

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