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October 26, 2020
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October 26, 2020

JUE-60GX Inmarsat Global Xpress

Global Xpress, Fast, Faster, Fastest
JRC is one of the world’s longest-established companies in the field of marine electronics, and a pioneer in global mobile L-band satellite communications as Inmarsat’s longest-serving manufacturing partner. From the beginnings of the maritime satellite communications era JRC has invested heavily in research and development year-on-year. This investment will continue so as to offer creative solutions to the marine industry, through a new design of compact JUE-60GX Ka-band terminal and antenna delivering enhanced connectivity speeds in Mbps in response to user demands.


The new ultrafast GX service is designed for reliability as well as speed.Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress hybrid service (Ka-band Global Xpress JUE-60GX backed by L-band resilience FleetBroadband family JUE-251 or JUE-501 and a Network Service Device) will take your operational efficiency to the next level, providing unsurpassed reliability, even with heavy precipitation and antenna blockage*1. existing JUE-251 or JUE-501 can be used as part of the GX package, but cannot be used separately unless disconnected from the GX terminal. Redundancy only applies in the overlap regions between GX I-5 satellites and FB I-4 satellites. Data transmission speed through the JUE-251 or JUE-501 will be at normal FB rates.
Unique antenna design, Small, Lightweight, Durable
The design of a lightweight but ultra strong radome for the Ka-band environment has been a particular challenge. JRC engineers used a 3 layer sandwich Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) with a special resin-honeycomb structure for the core of just a few millimeters. The honeycomb structure gives the radome high strength and is extremely lightweight. The radome is dipped in a bath of resin and shaped in an oven, so as to achieve a curved structure without excessive mechanical force or heating. Installation is quick and easy. With such a lightweight antenna the vessel’s downtime is minimal, no crane necessary for installation, and the onboard setup will be just as simple as it is today for FreetBroadband.

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