NAB-1000 AIS
December 17, 2020
December 17, 2020

NAN-1000 AIS AtoN


Product name: NSR NAN-1000 AIS AtoN
AIS AtoN station is used for light monitoring from AtoN administration. AIS AtoN station’s transmission can be received by shipborne AIS to learn the position & status of the AtoN.
As Type I defined by IALA, NAN-X000 is specially designed to be used for buoys, which carries limited batteries to supply any additional electronic equipment.
NAN-X000 can be used for below applications:
– AtoN in River or at Sea
– Offshore and oil platform
– Oceanic buoys
– Electronic fence in water
– Offshore wind farm
– Electronic passage by bridge

NAN-X000 is designed to transmit messages both for real and virtual AIS AtoN. For example, NAN-X000 can be used by harbor authority to establish virtual AIS AtoN channel. When shipborne AIS receives those transmissions, a series of AtoN symbols will be displayed on electronic chart.
NAN-X000 conforms to the international standards such as IALA A-126, IEC 62320-2, ITU-R M.1371-5 and IEC60945.

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