December 19, 2019
December 19, 2019


The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass is the first of its type to be designed as a single unit and can be installed on any bridge on any vessel.North Stabilization Du



The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro compass can be installed on any bridge, from large yachts to the most capacious merchant marine vessel. It provides highly reliable and accurate heading information, under all weather conditions.

Fast and Easy Service

All electronic components are plug-in modules, for fast and easy service. The vessel’s cables are connected directly to terminals within the gyrocompass housing, facilitating installation. Digital heading information is derived as an absolute value from a 13-bit shaft encoder.


The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass system has a control and display unit installed in the front access cover. When required, the control and display unit can be removed from the access cover and installed at a location remote from the gyrocompass for quick and easy access.


Gyro Compass Features:


  • Automatic static north speed error correction – no extra unit required
  • High speed transmission and follow-up system 100° / sec
  • Highly accurate digital heading data transmission by shaft encoder
  • Twin rotors (19,000 rev / min) and liquid damping system eliminate latitude error
  • A ±180° electronic alignment error correction in setup program (mechanical correction is not necessary)
  • MTBF of 40,000 hours & Maintenance intervals of 18 months
  • Insensitive to horizontal acceleration
  • Will drive a maximum of 12 analogue repeaters
  • Two independent 6 steps/degree heading outputs (0.5 A)

Outputs to Navigation Data Printer:


  • Heading
  • Heading source gyro/magnetic
  • Rudder angles of two independent rudders
  • Automatic emergency power changeover and status alarm
  • Single point suspension of the gyrosphere container eliminates the well-known adverse effects associated with gimbals


The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass is the first of its type to be designed as a single unit and can be installed on any bridge on any vessel.

North Stabilization During Short Power Failures

With over 100 years of experience in the marine gyro compass industry, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine delivers an advanced low weight marine gyrocompass. The unique method of supporting the system by means of mere buoyancy, ensures north stabilization during short power failures.

The Gyro Compass from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine ensures high accuracy and maximum reliability under all environmental conditions. The Gyro Compass uses a data transmission technology instead of using slip rings. Providing proven technology and long maintenance periods, the Gyro Compass is a long-time secure investment, with low operation costs.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 7 marine gyro compass provides highly accurate heading information in extremely heavy seas. The system is equipped with a special gyrosphere container, with a unique centering pin retaining arrangement that is mounted in an additional gimbal system. This allows an almost unlimited freedom of roll and pitch (±90°).

Key Benefits of Gyro Compass NAVIGAT X MK 1:


  • Complies with IMO regulations A.424(IX), A.694(17), A.821(19) – High-Speed Craft (HSC) and ISO 8728
  • Comprised of one single unit
  • Type-approved rate-of-turn output
  • Gyro system remains north stabilized during power interruptions of up to 3 minutes
  • Short maintenance and repair times – low service costs
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