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Magnetic Compass


Leading Nunotani Magnetic Compass Supplier

Malins Marine Service Co., Ltd. is a recognized leading nunotani magnetic compass supplier for the marine industry in China. The magnetic compass systems of Malins Marine meet the most stringent marine and weather conditions. We are a one-stop-shop for marine equipment.

The company was established in 2010 with one office, and since then, it has developed in many folds. Currently, we have three offices with one warehouse and a competent staff of over 20 persons. We provide numerous under-water machines that include engine spare, navigation compass, gyrocompass, GMDSS, microwave component, EPIRB, marine radar, BNWAS, and other aquatic devices. Kindly visit our ‘products’ tab to know what we serve to our customers.

Despite the modern tendency to rely heavily on Electronic Navigational Aids (ENA), the magnetic compass still is a significant navigation device on any vessel. Nunotani magnetic compass continues to operate independently, in the not uncommon event of an electronics malfunction or electrical failure.

Every magnetic compass supplier should tell that ENA has limitations and has been known to provide erroneous data. Accessible and reliable alternatives for cross and back up reference should always be available on the go.

Magnetic Compass Supplier in China

Vessels are needed to be equipped with the means of determining the direction and heading, readable from the steering position, and independent of all power supplies. An accurately installed and adjusted magnetic compass, of a size and kind suitable for the ship, fulfills this requirement.

Malins Marine was established with a focused intention to provide high-quality marine-related equipment. As China continues to develop leaps and bound, Malins Marine is in a strong position not only to utilize the resources available locally but also to introduce foreign shipyards and marine products.

There are four prominent reasons to choose Malins Marine. First is honest communication with our customers. Second is an efficient process for quality control.

The third feature is meeting the diverse requirements of our customers while the last is technical problem-solving to provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Malins Marine collaborates closely with worldwide leading and specialized maritime equipment suppliers to provide our wide range of clients a full breadth of products.

So, get marine equipment from a quality nunotani magnetic compass supplier.

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