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December 18, 2019
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December 18, 2019

Piston & Piston rod

RF-FLEX, RT(RTA), ME, MC-C and UEC series


Piston head and piston skirt The piston is mainly composed of a piston head and a piston skirt. The piston head is bolted to the top of the piston rod, and the piston skirt is bolted to the piston head.

Piston ring Pistons are key components of diesel engines and can be divided into two types: cross-head pistons and cylindrical pistons. It is not only a component part of the fuel chamber component, but also a moving mechanism with the connecting rod, crankshaft and other components. Cross head diesel engine piston consists of piston head, piston skirt, piston ring, piston rod and piston cooling mechanism. The cylindrical diesel piston consists of a piston head, a piston skirt, a piston ring and a piston pin

RF-FLEX, RT(RTA), ME, MC-C and UEC series

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