Tron AIS TR-8000 Class A complete with GPS antenna
October 23, 2020
Tron AIS-SART complete with bulkhead bracket
October 23, 2020

Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package

Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package including 86853 Antenna SANAV SA-200 GPS, 82484 Antenna Procom CXL 2-1LW/H 0 dBd and 86870 Pilot cable for TR-8000 display.
AIS systems offer automatic swap of navigational information on ship’s movements to predict dangerous situations, automatic swap of static information to facilitate ship-to-ship communication and interface to ship’s navigational equipment to increase information value.
Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package:
• Separate display and transponder unit
• 7″ touch screen display
• Software upgradable
• Compact design for easy installation
• Console or desktop mounting
• Combined junction-box/transponder
• Display rated to IP54 + Extended temperature (IEC 60945)
• Transponder rated to IP56, + Exposed (IEC 60945)
• Easy ECDIS interface
• Collision alarms (tCPA, CPA)

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