December 19, 2019
December 19, 2019


VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)
What is a VDR / S-VDR?Passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of 3000 gross tonnage and upwards, constructed on or after


VDR & SVDR Manufacturer

Malins Marine Service Co., Limited, is one of the leading manufacturers of VDR & SVDR in China. The company kicked off in 2010 with one office, and since then, it has developed in many folds. Currently, we have three offices with one warehouse and a competent staff of over 20 persons.

Our products include under-water location device, VDR & SVDR, engine spare, navigation compass, gyrocompass, GMDSS, microwave component, SATCOM, radar, BNWAS, and other marine devices. Kindly visit our ‘products’ tab to know what we serve our customers.

The IMO describes the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) as a complete system, inclusive of all items needed to interface with the sources regarding input signals, their processing and encoding, the final recording medium, the playback device, the power supply and dedicated reserve source of power.

In line with the ‘Black Box’ on airplanes, a Voyage Data Recorder is a piece of equipment fitted onboard ships that record the various data onboard a vessel that can be used for reconstruction of the voyage details and vital information during an accident investigation.

VDR & SVDR Manufacturing company in China

A ship’s VDR & SVDR are far superior to a black box of an airplane as they store a range of data and that too for a minimum of a period of 12 hours. The latest data continuously overwrite the data recordings of the last 12 hours. A VDR has the capability of resisting extreme weather, collisions, fires, and pressure conditions even when a vessel is at a depth of several meters in the sea.

Designed dedicatedly for maritime application down to the last component, Malins Marine’s DM100 VDR offers high quality and complete reliability in a compact, easy-to-install, and lightweight solution. The DM100 VDR is Wheel mark approved by DNV GL and is intended for fixation on passenger ships as well as cargo vessels of 3.000 GT and above.

With the support of a global network of renowned manufacturers, we are able to meet the growing & challenging demands of our customers from a sustainable development aspect. So, if you are in need of high-class VDR & SVDR devices for navigation, Malins Marine Service Co., Limited is the safest bet for you.

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