December 19, 2019
SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS
December 19, 2019


The VR3000 is a Voyage Data Recorder VDR fully complying with IMO A861 (20), IMO A694 (17), IMO MSC. 214 (81), IEC 60945 and 61996-1/2 performance standards. Th



VR3000 Standard Features:

  • VDR: Complies with IMO A861(20) and IEC 61996 and IEC 60945
  • Space-saving installation with a compact Data Collecting Unit (DCU)
  • Data storing for 12 hours both in the DCU and Data Recording Unit (DRU)
  • Internal frame grabber board to record Radar/ECDIS images
  • Remote Junction Box for recording serial data, contact signals and analog data*
  • Developed with FURUNO’ s experience in VDR
  • Spring clamp connecter for easy installation
  • Removable HDD for easy transporting of recorded data
  • Play back and Live play are available with optional software

*Standard for VR-3000 and optional for VR-3000S


    1. Float-Free version discontinued and no longer available
    2. List Price Credit for RI3010 is $1,300.00.

Power Requirements:


    • 100-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz



The VR3000 is a Voyage Data Recorder VDR fully complying with IMO A861 (20), IMO A694 (17), IMO MSC. 214 (81), IEC 60945 and 61996-1/2 performance standards. The purpose of the VDR is to assist investigators in identifying the causes of maritime casualty, and to use the data for future incident prevention.

Intended for passenger ships as well as newly constructed cargo ships of 3,000 gross tons and larger, the VR3000 stores recorded information in both a Protective Storage Module (DRU), and in a secondary backup Hard Disk Drive for easy post incident retrieval. A convenient SAVE button located on the Remote Alarm Panel allows the crew to immediately preserve up to 4 incidents for review by an investigating authority, while the system continues to record normally.

Recorded data is easily replayed in a Graphical Presentation using LivePlayer V4 for incident investigation as well as for educational, briefing and training purposes.

Information ranging from vessels position, speed, heading, bridge audio, communication audio and radar images is quickly and easily configured for recording in serial, digital and analog formats.

9-Gigabyte DRU

As standard supply, the VR3000 includes the VR5020/9G (9 Gigabyte) DRU, which allows the recording of Image Data from the primary radar.

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