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December 18, 2019
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Yokogawa Gyro CMZ900

CMZ-900 Gyro Compass

Yokogawa Gyro Compass Supplier

Malins Marine Service Co., Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of the Yokogawa gyro compass in China. The company was established in 2010 with one office, and since then it has developed in many folds. Currently, we have three offices with one warehouse and a competent staff of over 20 persons. Locating directions on the high seas is fundamental to navigation. Ancients relied on the stars, but today we gyrocompass is the equipment to find the route aboard ship. A gyroscope is a device that pivots at a fixed point on the periphery. Flywheel gyro rotates quickly. Gyro is continuously turned to keep up a fixed direction.

A gyrocompass identifies the exact north by means for a quick turning rotor, which is suspended with zero friction and is impacted by gravity and pivot of the Earth. A gyrocompass resultantly demonstrates a ship’s direction. Yokogawa CMZ900 Series of Gyro Compasses offers a few models to give the correct features set to the necessities of the vessel. Every model has been type-endorsed to agree to IMO benchmarks resolutions.

Yokogawa Gyro Compass in China

CMZ900-B Gyro Compass for small ships (smooth gyro gets changed without lag when the little boat changes course). CMZ900-S Gyro Compass (alongside Control Box with built-in monitor) – suitable for every mercantile vessel, with numerous types of signal outputs, are available.

CMZ900 -D Dual Gyro Compass (plus Control Box and Dual AC Adaptor) – Highly reliable dual system, switch-over controls, multiple signal outputs, and enhanced integration. It also has a Unique anti-vibration system. Viewing improvement of the framework ability, optional instruments are accessible, so as to build the signal outputs of the gyrocompass. Other navigation tools, for example, repeater compasses, course recorders are available as a piece of the system.

Our product line includes high-quality electronics for navigation like Yokogawa gyro compass, communications, and safety & security applications. Over the years, we have built our service net covered China Coastal Port from north to south. Maline Marine collaborates with worldwide specialized and leading maritime devices suppliers including Yokogawa gyro compass makers, to provide our valued clients with a full range of products and original spare parts as well.

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